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Broken Bay Dolphin Fish


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As you probably all know by now, the FADs and any fish trap you can find are holding many dollies of various sizes. Most are sub 60cm, a few are well and truly over 60cm

Sunday saw fantastic conditions, 6am exit from Brooklyn (Parsely Bay boat ramp) and a dash for some livies at West Head - after bagging about 15 livies, headed straight to the fish traps (not as busy as the FAD) and got there about 8am (the livies weren't easy to catch!)

Straight into dollie action with 5 boated in a very short time - before 9am, 2 at 60cm and a double hookup which was quite outstanding with a subsequent bust off but it was an amazing sight nonetheless. Catching Dolphin fish in such conditions is really an experience to be had - just pure fun in awesome seas. We Sydney siders are certainly lucky to have such pristine water so close to home.

By 9:30am, the dollies had all but disappeared except for a few hookups and livies were really THE only bait of choice - I'm not sure where the dollies go I can only guess deeper but trying the livies at various depths didn't improve the hit ratio.

The sea was a spectacular blue and the conditions were outstanding - headed out to the 25km mark - 120m + of water in and around Broken Bay Wide and out further for a bottom bash with some healthy hits on the livies and a few coming up cleanly bitten in half drifting the bottom but nothing boated so I'm not sure what was down at those depths.

Headed back in for a few more drifts and ended up with the original 5 dollies now filleted, cleaned and ready for eating.

Rather than posting pictures of fish, we've all seen them, here's some photos of the conditions and that amazing water... and the Broken Bay fad so we all know it 100% does exist and it's in the right place!!

Lets hope this fun hangs around for at least a few more weeks...

Get out there



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