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Bass @ Wisemans' - Saturday 15th


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Wanted to wet a line somewhere after a hectic week @ work..

havent been to Wisemans ferry in awhile so thought of going for a drive since its a nice day...

it was pretty quite untill 12.30ish and all of a sudden i've had a massive hit on my bream set up! i was using hawkesbury prawns ..after the hit all went quite i thought a bream wouldve taken off with the bait..so started reeling in but felt heavy, like when its snagged..so i let loose the line abit and it started running!! hehehe .. long story in short, after a few mins fighting i landed a ....

.....42CM BASS !!! how wierd is that??? last thing id want outta hawkesbury is a BASS and never encountered one!! hehe ..

anyway, after the 1st bass, landed a tiny bream..released and a freaky eel!! didnt know how to handle that slithery little thing so had to cut off the line.. :(

few mins pass...another BASS !!! :beersmile: this time its only 33 CM and took the bait soon as it hit the water!! didnt put up much of a fight but a beautifull fish ..

all this happened within a space of 45 mins ..

I didnt have any surface lures/poppers. :( otherwise could've catch few more as i saw afew jumping ouutta the water under the mangroves..ah well..since i got my bag limit of bass and HEAPS of fun called it a day..

Attached is the 33Cm bass, small bream and the eel.. took these pics from my phone..poor quality..will post a better quality pic of the 2 BASS tonight as they're in my digi cam...


PS/ can someone explain me why/how bass ended up in Hawkesbury system ?

Bass #2






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Hi Ritchie

You did better on the bass than I did, for sure! I should have been using prawns, obviously!!!

Re bass being in the Hawkesbury - they are a native Aussie fish & are in lots of east coast rivers. Normally they live up in the fresh water, but they head down towards the brackish/salt water when getting ready to spawn! Perhaps it is fresher up where you were after all the rain we've had recently?

I am sure there are some more knowledgeable than me on the subject!!

Well done - it would have been a fun session!|


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Thanks Roberta and Charlie!!

I was quite suprise to see some fresh water fish in hwakesbury system but Roberta's comments make sense and now i know what they're upto! :) Thanks Roberta !!

Charlie, I have a sneaky suspision that those 2 "alleged" bass could as well be EP's! hehehe .. but i still cant get over how lukcy i am sometimes hehehe

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It looks like an EP but would have been easier to tell if you were holding it horizontal rather than vertical

yeah..now im 100% convinced (after taking on board you guys advice and abit of research!) these are EP's,..ah what the heck... :yahoo:

Attached is the pic of both fish..smaller fish is the one im holding in above pics..big one is the BIG 42cm EP..


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Well done Ritchie.

Nice E.P's there mate. Sounds like a top place to throw some softies around as well. :biggrin2:



yeah..true..but i didnt have any softies or surface lures ..'cos i FORGOT MY BLOODY TACKLE BOX! haha.. all i had that day was a packet of longshank #1's , 2 small ball sinkers and afew swivels..all were found in the car boot.. :biggrin2:

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