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Outboard Prop Issue


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I have a mariner 15hp outboard, approximatly a 80-90's model which I bought recently. However the guy said it only needs a new prop becase it is unbalenced....anyone know what this means?

The prop says: 9 1/4 x 10 1/2 - J

-Anyone know how much a new one would cost?

-Can I get plastic or metal?

-Also where to get one?

-Can I use it when unbalanced without damaging it?

Better still does anyone have a spare one that fits these dimentions that they wish to sell?

Thanks for any help :thumbup:

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There is a small crack in 2 of the bases of the blades. And the blades are also slightly bent.

Chuck it. Go see craig at Huett Marine @Cowan. He is a Mariner dealer and also sells aftermarket props as well.

Details can be found in the sponsers section.

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