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Fish Sauce As An Attractant?


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I was having Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle) today and saw a bottle of fish sauce.

Fish Sauce - A popular cooking ingredient amongst Asians, particularly the Vietnamese. Stinks like...err...fish. But tasty in food.

As i was waiting, an idea came through. Don't know why it took me now to think about it and i have bottles of this stuff at home.

But would it work if i squirt a few drops into my SP packet? I'm sure someone must have tried like trying cheese for bream.

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I have used the fish sauce and squid sauce often but not on sp's generally I pour some in the burly bucket every so often. I too discovered it while my wife was cooking, (Singapore) and saw the potential of using it as an attractant, now whether this has contributed to a better catch or not is debatable :unsure: but it certainly hasn't hurt our catch rate.


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would you say its the same or better than tuna oil into the berley mix? i hate it tuna oil, it stinks and you can smell it for the rest of the day even if you spill one drop!

Fish sauce is way funkier, like a rancid smell yet curiously arousing to the taste buds. Not oily so should wash down OK if spilled. Shrimp paste is oily & funky but makes a nice slick

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