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Sticking Your Nose Into It


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went out for a fish with mr jrefish king yesterday evening to our favourite jewie hunting grounds in the hope of catching a couple of more fish before the cooler months hit. very quite, alot of smaller stuff pecking at our squid baits, we did manage one large run but the bugger spat the bait after its first run.

anyways i think we came across the dumbest whiting in botany bay last night, mr JFK was getting some small taps on his rod for a while so he decided to bring in his bait as he was certain a smaller fish had picked at, as he bought the remains of his bait onboard to our amazment we saw a half eaten squid (hood remaining and a whiting stuck inside that hood. the silly thing had stuck his head so far up the hood of the squid he could get out :074: (just have beed chewing on the squids guts). After some laughs we cut the fish loose and let him go a little bit wiser. he was the only fish we actually caught all session.

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