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Marine Parks Proving Dangerous To Fish Stocks

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There's a very interesting article in the April edition of Modern Fishing, summarising recent research that suggest marine parks may actually be degrading fish stocks:

Conventional wisdom dictates that Marine Park Protected Areas should be nothing but beneficial for fish stocks. However, research being gathered since 1999 by the Fisheries Research and Development Coporation (FRDC) now shows that there are several side-effects of marine park establishment which are potentially devastating to the very fish-stocks (sic) which marine protected areas aim to nurture.

Studies on some Tasmanian marine protected areas have indicated areas adjacent to the sanctuaries faced significant pressure as a result of displaced fishing efforts. If this extensive, displaced effort was not brought back through structural adjustment, the management practice of stock rebuilding could be slowed or reversed. This significantly damages the adjacent areas and can eventually lead to stock collapse. Problems with the predator/prey relationships have also been evolving, as increased numbers of large predatory species have resulted in low populations of smaller marine species in protected areas.

Principal investigator Colin Buxton, director of the Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute at the University of Tasmania feels that while the motivation for establishing marine protected areas is not in question [who's he been speaking to? :ranting2: ], the science doesn't always back the claim.

"If fisheries are a key threat to biodiversity then we need to address the problem head-on through good fisheries management. Marine protected areas might not be the best option and could even lead to a network of pristine areas in a sea of degraded habitat", he said.

Seems those arguments we've been repeating ad nauseum might finally be finding some acceptance in more 'reputable' circles. Here's hoping someone sits up and takes notice.

Tight lines all.


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The greenie media manipulators aren't about to have a rest by the look of this!

Jobs with us!

Marine Sanctuaries Campaigner

Job Description & Selection Criteria Jobs with us!

Marine Sanctuaries Campaigner

Job Description & Selection Criteria


To drive the creation of a world-class marine sanctuary network for NSW.


Over 93% of NSW's oceans remain open to fishing. This lack of protection has had a devastating effect on our marine life.

NPA~Marine's soon-to-be-released The Torn Blue Fringe report spells out, for the first time, how we can build our marine sanctuaries network to meet internationally recommended targets.

.Achieving this 20% sanctuary protection for NSW oceans will build a world-class marine sanctuaries network, protecting the future health of our oceans whilst enabling the public to enjoy our marine life in its most natural state.

Over the next few years NPA~Marine will implement the findings of The Torn Blue Fringe to lobby for new marine parks and aquatic reserves for NSW. This will be complimented by a statewide educational program to build support within local communities for sanctuaries for our most important marine areas.

The position will involve ongoing liaison with local communities, scientists, government, environment groups and industries to drive significant targeted increases in NSW's marine sanctuary network.

An excellent communicator is required. All backgrounds and experience considered. An exceptional opportunity for a dedicated person wanting to make a difference

Proposed Project Outcomes

Significant increase in well-placed marine sanctuaries along the NSW coast

Increased statewide and local support for marine sanctuaries

Terms and Conditions

Term: 6 month period

Hours: Part-time - 2.5 or 3 days per week TBD with candidate (@7.5 hrs per day)

Remuneration: $39,500-55,000 per annum pro rata, depending on qualifications and experience (NPA Grade 1)

Location: Sydney based preferred

Major responsibilities: To drive the creation of new and well-placed marine sanctuaries along the NSW coast.

Position: Existing Position

Reports to: Marine Program Manager

Job Description

The Marine Sanctuaries Campaigner will:

- Coordinate the campaign for expansion of the NSW marine sanctuaries network, primarily through the agenda set in NPA~Marine's The Torn Blue Fringe report

- Identify opportunities to influence local, State (and Federal) political levels and community leaders.

- Seek the establishment of new marine sanctuaries within NSW marine parks and aquatic reserves

- Seek the full protection of all NSW Grey Nurse Shark key habitat sites

- Coordinate a statewide educational program to build community support for sanctuaries

- Support and coordinate a statewide network of NPA branches, community groups and individuals working together on grass roots marine sanctuaries campaigning

- Write media releases and conduct media on the campaigns

- Assist NPA to attract and maintain funding for the position

- Seek the support and assistance of local and other volunteers from within or outside NPA branches

- Maintain a high standard of regular reporting on workplan progress and financial control of a limited budget.

In doing their work, the Campaigner will:

- Work to agreed NPA procedures

- Draft a work plan for approval in consultation with NPA staff

- Implement the project efficiently and effectively

- Work within the agreed budget and report at agreed times.

Selection Criteria


1. Excellent interpersonal written and verbal skills and a demonstrated ability to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders such as conservation groups, community groups, Indigenous people and mainstream political parties, government and industry organisations.

2. A demonstrated understanding of natural resources management, policy, legislation and a familiarity with government processes.

3. Demonstrated organisational abilities and initiative, including the ability to set priorities, work to those priorities in a demanding work environment and meet reporting requirements

4. An ability to work independently and function as part of a team.

5. Demonstrated competence in use of computer programs including MS Word, MS Excel and internet browsing and email programs.

6. Drivers licence and willingness to travel along the NSW coast

7. Flexible working hours to satisfy external deadlines and meeting times, including availability to work after normal business hours for meetings and events


1. Demonstrated experience and skills in developing and pursuing a public conservation campaign, working closely with local supporters.

2. Previous experience working on marine conservation and preferably marine sanctuaries issues

3. Previous experience coordinating educational projects

4. Well-established regional networks relevant to the job description

5. Experience in developing or maintaining a website

6. Demonstrated design and/or marketing skills

7. Experience in recruiting and managing volunteers

8. Experience and demonstrated success in fundraising

9. Proven ability to write media releases and liaise with the media


Please send a written application that addresses each of the selection criteria and includes your current resume.

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The greenie media manipulators aren't about to have a rest by the look of this!

Jobs with us!

Marine Sanctuaries Campaigner

Job Description & Selection Criteria Jobs with us!

Marine Sanctuaries Campaigner

Job Description & Selection Criteria

You know what Billfisher? Maybe we should apply for the job. Sabotage these idiots from the inside. :ph34r:

We can talk their language. We're just saying (and seeing) different things. Sort of like being hoist on one's own petard :1fish:

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