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Hawkesbury 20-3-2008


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A mate and I went out for a quiet session with a couple of drinks on hand and I had decided we would hit a few different spots in the Hawkesbury but all fruitless.We moved to the old fav of mine X spot and waited for the sun to come up.I had explained to my mate once the sun gets high enough and removes the shadow on the water the fish will come on.Sure enough just as I finished the next 15 minutes were mayhem.Baits being smashed everywhere for about 20 minutes.On the menu was 3 over 40 cm flatties,a 46cm Jewie and a large number of undersized fish of flathead,bream,snapper and tailor.

A question I would like to raise though is if anyone has ever caught a John Dory up the Hawkesbury?I had a fish chase my bait to the edge of the boat that looked similar to a leather jacket but brown in colour and the ugliest fish I have ever seen.I personally have never caught one before and believe this is what I saw but never heard of them up there.In all a great day out with top weather.

Sorry no photos this trip.

Tight Lines


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There are JD's in Cowan Creek so i'd imagine they go into the main body of the Hawkesbury as well. They are an extremely lazy, slow, immobile type fish so i'd imagine it was a leatherjacket that followed your bait.

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