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I recently bought a "Shimano Baitrunner 4500B" reel, I am putting this on a "Shakespere Super Salmon Light, Low mount" rod. I am hoping to target tailor/flathead maybe a kingfish if I am lucky.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the correct tackle and rigs to use, not to mention bait..

I know I am basically asking everything, but I have not done alot of fishing in the past, a little bit with my grandfather who has now passed. I've recently located to the coast and am keen to take to the next level..

If anyone could be so kind in steering some helpful information/tips this way, it would be greatly appreciated.



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G'day CCF,

You're not wrong about it being a big question about beach fishing!

To start with if you can I'd suggest you get a mid-mount rod if you're wanting to use the threadline reel you've got or get an Alvey sidecast reel for the low mount rod. It's no big deal but you'll find casting much easier if you do... the low mount is designed for sidecast reels.

There are really only 2 rigs you need to use that will catch just about anything. A simple paternoster... I'd recommend a star sinker on the bottom with 1 or 2 droppers each with a hook to suit the bait you're using; or an even simpler rig with just a single hook (or ganged hooks for whole pilchard baits) at the end of a trace attached to your main line by means of a swivel... then with a ball sinker above it.

The former rig will 'anchor' your bait to the bottom (more or less) and I use it with a ganged hooks on a single dropper when fishing for salmon or tailor in the surf. I use the latter rig when I want a bait to wash around in a gutter.... my usual rig for whiting, bream, dart, etc.... but I also use this rig for salmon and tailor but usually when the gutters are in close.

Not sure how much help that is but it's a start anyway.

Cheers, Slinky

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hey ccf. i recomend you bye this book australian fish and how to catch them,by richard allan

it has all the basic riggs and stuff with diagrams,all the speces you seek and where and when to fish for them

i still refer to books for fishing info[gives me somthing to do when not fishing]

hope your first fish on the samon super light is a big lizard [flathead] all the best mate and do'nt forget to post a fishing report,even if you do'nt catch anything post a report an you will get heaps off tips from fellow raiders

cheers brickman

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