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Botany To Broklyn Good Friday


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sorry no pic's didnt take the camera :mad3:

Well I headed down from Bathurst on thursday afternoon..Weather was great a little cloudy but, I had nothing but hope. :05: Did the family visits and headed to Port Botany.

Got to the ramp about 9:15pm. Most were going home already and weather had got a little worse. The wind had picked up, the light rain had started..I had not came this way for nothing so I was going to give it a good go. I also had my 12 year old son that wanted a fish no matter what.. I headed to the 3rd runway dropped a crab net, and anchored about 50 to 60 m from the marker. We did get some hits but landed nothing.

It is now going onto midnight and it is just getting worse. So we got it together and decided to grab the car and head for Tom Ugly's bridge... :05:

NOW Is a good time to mention that I could not find the net in the chop..IT IS FREE TO GOOD HOME..

It is at the or near the end of the 3rd runway.. It is a orange box net with a 2lt milk bottle with my name and number.. At least who ever gets it I hope that it has some crab? Please let me know? :05::beersmile:

so we are at TOM UGLY"S we fished the bridge and down in the bays near the bridge untill 9am..Had 2 real good runs but nothing to the boat.


We start at cowan creek near apple tree bay and work up. anchored at one of the bays just up from the ramp and BANG, BANG we were getting bites and fish..I landed 2 good 35cm snapper. It was getting close to the 5:30pm gate time so we loaded the boat to go to Parsley Bay. Put the boat in and tried the bridge(nothing) So we went back to the pilons just near the Broklyn marina as I have had luck here before. about 20min later the bites started and about an hour 1 flounder and 1 good 45 cm flattie.

We got wet and gave it a good hard go.. we went home with some fish at least... :05:

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Hi Guys

We also headed out at dawn on Friday from the STGMBC and as soon as we turned left in to Towra channel we ran into the very blustery southerly winds. Discretion being the better part of valour we hid from the wind on the southern side of Captain Cook bridge and tried around Sylvania waters for a couple of small bream.

Ended up hiding from the rain under Tom Uglys bridge at the turn of the tide for no result - went home wet and dispirited - how come it always rains and blows at Easter . :1badmood:

- Sometimes you eat the bear and other days the bear eats you - at least the bear got fed. As a matter of interest there was a lot of chopper size tailor around the bridge - Jewfish bait? hmm?

- Back out Sunday with a fresh plan -

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