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Well done, Peter - not a bad result, given the conditions! :) I hope to hit the wall tomorrow to try for blackies! There are stacks of big ones off the headlands just now - waiting for them to come in!!

Hi Matt - :1welcomeani: to Fishraider!! Peter is a good bloke to fish with ;)



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Hello Peter,

results are good.Wind was up early and would have been blowing straight into Mona Vale.It was every where else.Fairly new to fishing (and this site.First post.)so after hectic week at work and seen weather reports with southerly winds, took the softcock option = listened to High Tide on 2KY,cuddled the cheese and kisses then took our dogs for a walk.

Do you fish reguardless of weather and winds?


hi matt :1welcomeani:

yes i find the rougher the better[for blackies and bream] but it has to be safe

peter :1fishing1:

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