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Wont Go Fast


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hi all

new to boating and i will need to get my outboard serviced but wanted peoples opinions before i do.

I have a 13 ft fibreglass runobout with a old 35 evinrude ( model no 35753H, i think made in the 80's).

When the boats in the water it starts fine but wont accelerate faster than about 2-4 knots? Yet when i put the muffs on to clean it it seems to rev a considerable amount and sounds like it would have no hassles when its in the water.

Could pushing a load affect it that much?

Also anyone recommend a place to get it service around the baulkham hills area.



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First yes it does make a difference pushing a load.

although u should be able to go faster then 4 knots, sounds like your boat is allergic to water :1prop:

it probably only needs a tune. my brother had the same problem. it would run perfect out of water then die when we got it to the water.

good luck

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Hi Billy

I would not hesitate to take the boat up and see Huey at Huett marine if I had a worrying motor problem like that. Huey has all the resources and would be able to pinpoint the problem and give you genuine advice and an honest opinion. Huey is a specialist in motor diagnosis and performance and always goes out of his way to help out his fellow Fishraider members.

I would feel very uneasy these days about going anywhere else with a boat motor problem like that.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Sounds like you might have spun the prop off the hub. Have you hit anything recently ? Run into shallow water perhaps ?


knowing billy yes and probably bloody hard to just kidding mate hope you get it worked out soon have to double up and go out soon


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If you are new to boating simply take Jewgaffers advice. Don't consider backyard blokes or mobile guys go and get your boat ,trailer and motor looked at by Huey and then you'll know the honest story. Your problem could be a number of things small or cheap or expensive from fuel filter blockage to a high tension lead breaking down under load to no compression in one cyl. Whatever it is if you want it reliable just bite the bullet so you can get the right advice first time.


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i recently had a prob with my outboard ,it too had lost power most notable when i had to drive onto the trailer turned out that my carbies had some crap in them from running my main tank low from the long offshore trips chasin yft ,again could be anything as some folks have said take it too heuy and get it sorted properly once and for all by a professional as a breakdown at sea can potentially be life threatening

hope its a easy fix

cheers arman

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Hi Billy, you have a 1977 35HP and they are one of the great success stories of the marine industry, millions sold and still running and a 1997 model is not much different to what you have so a very solid design.

Sounds to me that it is not running on both cylinders, which can be casued by many things from a faulty spark plug to one cylinder being down on compression. If it does not rev when in the water than the prop hub should be fine, if you have a slipping bush the engine will rev put not go anywhere, like a slipping clutch in a car.

Bring it in and I can have a quick look at it and I am sure that within half an hour we can see what the problem is.



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