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Middle Harbour Arvo Session, Sat

Robbo 81

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headed out to middle harbour for some afternoon fun with my mate pete.

First we tried to get a few yakkas up but didn't get a thing as i've never tried and didn't really know where to get them so decided to go round to the markers with some squid I had left from my outing with miller, but the water was a little to choppy for my liking as I am still a novice boater and don't have too much experiance in the chop. After a really long U turn we headed back in, found a spot and anchored up.We threw out a bit of berley and were using squid and some prawns and pilli's my mate had in his freezer.

For some reason whenever pete and I go out we don't seem to get a thing especially when pete pull's his over head combo out that just never gets a fish. But this curse was about to be broken :1prop:

bang pete was on and up came a little bream. "Hey hey" we both screamed. "we broke the curse!"

On again, and again and again till the score was five bream each and just about time to head home. We decided to give it one more go with one last bait to see who got the most fish. Pete ended up with a crappy little mangled looking cocktail prawn and I got a beautiful looking, well presented prawn. I was the sure winner. I picked up the bucket and through out the rest of the bait and cleaned the bucket.

I looked up and pete's rod had doubled over with two of the top eyelets sticking in the water. Pete jumped up, got his rod out of the holder, nearly lost the rod in the water, then pete nearly went in the water and this fish was off in a real hurry peeling 6kg worth of drag off the reel like it was nothing. I must admit, it was pretty funny :1prop: . after about 5mins pete had this fish close but not close enough. we saw the tip of the swivel about to come out of the water, next minute the fish hooked it left straight to the back of the boat, and around the prop, then SNAP. We all know the words that were used at this point. I continuously slapped pete in the head after that effort.

I dropped my line back in the water and in no time at all up came another bream so the final score was me six, and pete 5 :tease:

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