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Has Anyone Fished At Catherine Hill Bay


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G'day there guy's and gals, just wanted to know if any of you have fished at this location and what do you think of it. I just had a look on google earth and gee wiz it looks the part, i bet those slow sloping beaches have plenty of beach worms on them and those rocks look like a rock fisho's heaven. Let us know if you have or plan to fish here, i am very interested.Cheers from Gav.

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There's lots of great fishing around Catherine Hill Bay. But, be warned, the rocks on that part of the coast...down to Fraser Park and Wybung Head, tend to slope down to the water...plenty of fatalities! Especially Fraser.


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I've been to catherine hill bay a few times good spot but also dangerous at the same time never turn ur back and always keep ur gear up on the rocks dont leave anything on the bottom

here are a few pics of that place acouple of weeks ago




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