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hello fellow raiders i'm back from the long weekend down tumut :thumbup: .....

i got down there around 5ish thursday and the river was up heeps and running faster too, and to top it of heeps of people around .... had no bait and was neary dark so had a quick spin with lures ... no trout .... so next morning got some bread and tryed till around lunch no trout caught so i got some worms and set alines went back too see a what looked like a big brook trout near the set lines but was not caught on the set line so i went back to camp and just while my dad starting cooking dinner i went for a flick and on the first cast about 7 seconds after the bait hit the water i was on to a 27cm brown trout my first ever legal brown ... so that was good ... and on good friday.. what a good friday hahaha :yahoo:

next morning notting all day ... tryed some of the steams 20km down the road and was too shallow and went for a swm and no fishing .... next day notting too and nearly leaving day was dissapointed but that the way it goes :05:

on the last day today we throught we woul;d try but it was raining so justed headed home ... ate the trout in a trout pie great tunker


by the way i am the kid that got the big rainbows on bread last year can you plz edit the record thread to show _flattie-hunter- ti forgot my password for my old acount hanks heeps

Edited by -flattie_hunter-
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