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Fuel Mixtures


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Gday everyone, Whenever i have purchased fuel for my two stroke engine i have always put the correct amount of oil in the tank,then the correct amount of fuel and before i use it i shake the tank around a bit just to make sure my solution has fully mixed through properly.MY QUESTION IS _???? Is this necesary?

I am cosidering putting in an underfloor tank so i have more room in my beloved tinny and need to know if i didnt do all this shaking and mucking around , Is it still going to mix as good?

Thanks to any response i get , hugely appreciated.Happy boating raiders.


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I use the same method as you (oil then add fuel). Never had a problem doing it this way.

Unless...... I have to top up a partially filled tank. Then its fuel, oil and just like James bond - Shake not stirred

Evets :biggrin2:

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