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Squidding Off The Rocks - Sydney North


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Hey Raiders

Long time reader first time poster :thumbup:

I'm wondering if anyone could give me some insight into squidding off the rocks around the Northern Beaches?

I have been trying around Manly (harbour) and Palm beach wharf (pittwater) but have only got about 4 squid in 10 trips.

I am using Yozuri and Yamashita jigs 1.5 and 2.0 sizes .

I was told to try off Mona Vale pool area but not sure which area or what tide etc.

Cheers Ryan

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I've caught a couple off barrenjoey head while casting small metals for tailor... so can;t say i was deliberately targeting, but a good by-catch. tastier!

Biggest went about 43cm from the tip of the head to its eyes...

Haven't been out that way for a while... but it was within the first 2 hours of the run-out tide as the sun was going down/dusk...

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