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Graphite Versus Carbon Fibre Rods


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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone owns a Carbon fibre rod with full Carbon fibre Blank.. and wondering how they fare against your IM6, IM& or IM8 graphite rods of the same description?

Strength/Power? Sensitivity?



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They're the same thing Bro. Western manufacturers call it graphite w/ modulus rating Asian manufacturers say carbon with % rating. There are many variables such as weave & pitch, & whether the fibres are thermally fused under pressure or bonded with resin, wall thickness, taper etc, etc, etc.

Hope that's added to the confusion :1prop:

Really the only way to compare rods is a test drive.

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yes, carbon fibre and graphite are the same thing said in different ways, however, most rods on the market do contain some level of glass in the "scrim". there are a few blanks out there that are however, 100% graphite with no glass at all. these are the top level blanks and quite $$$ as you would expect.

I have one which I rolled into a spin rod, and there is no comparison with IM6 let me tell you that. Even mid range sticks don't compare with it. because it is full graphite, it is much lighter, more responsive and more sensitive. Basically it is more powerful than another rod of the same weight. the rod is rated 4-6 kg and weights less than 3 oz.

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Thanks for clarifying guys...

Yeah, I've got an IM7 in 2-4kg and must say the same! nothing else i've held compares...

Looking to get a similar outfit in 4-6kg(like the one you mention) and also an IM6 IM7 or IM8 surf/rock outfit I find that you can cast further, it's lighter weight but still has all the power you need...

Was just gettin confused with all thsi Carbon Fibre talk :wacko:

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