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Who Has Made Their Own Boat, From Scratch


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Hi guys

I didn't say it was a big boat ...... 8ft folding boat! When I retired, one of the things I had on my list to achieve, was to build a folding boat! Initially I had seen a plan for a canoe/kayak style boat that I had seen in Popular Mechanics back in the 70's or 80's! However, when searching the net, I came upon a Micro Folding Dinghy! It looks more like boat, but folds flat & is made of marine ply sides & floor & vinyl front & rear. I added the metal strap when I had a small whipper snipper engine added to it! :)

The original plans were for a much smaller boat where only one person could be in it, with no seat, kneeling.

The ply that I had bought was 8ft long & it was a shame to cut it down, so I reworked the calculations & made it up ...

Here it is in bits


In the water


Under way with the whipper snipper motor!


When completed, I sent this photo of my brother in law & a friend in my boat to the microcruising.com website (where I found the plans & the home of tiny round the world yachts!!) with the following data ....


By the way, Roberta Pearce made an enlarged version of the "Micro Folding Dinghy" which turned out very nicely. Roberta told us that:

"I worked out a scale that I increased the length, width & height & luckily it seemed to work well without compromising the shape of the boat, as I had a couple of sheets of ply to use that were just under 8ft. When I put the seats in, it was very unstable until I put them much lower in the boat. I left the 'keel' bits (longer bits at the back) quite long, as I reckoned it would be easier to shorten them if needed, rather than lengthen them if cut too short! I just wish I had taken more trouble to fibreglass the whole thing before putting it together as the ply was not in the best of condition to start off with & I didn't really expect it to be as good as it turned out! 'Oh ye of little faith!' I hear you say! Anyway, I had a lot of fun making it & even if nieces & nephews get some fun out of it before it de-laminates, it was worth it."

It doesn't see much light of day now that I have moved up to kayaks .... but it will always remain the first ever boat that I have made!! :) :)

Let's have a look at your home made boats .....



It is a terrific little project to make & one that any kid could have a go & complete. If anyone wants the plans, I can give them to you.

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hehehehe I ain't finished yet, I've got ideas I haven't even thought of yet ...... don't know if I'd make any other one tho!

The plans are really clever - the base of the sides are 'corrugated' & fit into the corrugated sides of the floor! That makes it really strong & rigid. The seats hold the sides apart & are basically held on by velcro! I had to add extra layers of ply to the seats (cross ways) to make them even more rigid, too.

It was a fun project. It'd be a terrific woodwork project for schools - then finish it off with a race on the water!!



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Truly amazing Roberta!! :yahoo:

You sure you aren't the Mother of Invention???

Now..if only you could scale back an Etec for Ross...I'm sure he'd be happy

with "Up Ya Go...a Bit" :074:

Well done Ma'am.



BTW..The Navy wants to buy an aircraft carrier...can you help there??? :074:

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That's terrific Roberta !! What a great feat !! :thumbup:

You have a solo South West Rocks Marlin mission on your mind already, ay Roberta :yahoo:

You won't even worry about the whipper snipper or the old one speed pedal power either, I'll bet you'll soon fit a ten speed chain drive mountain bicycle gear box to it to handle the swell :thumbup:

Cheers :D

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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You never cease to amaze Roberta.

I'd like to know what other plans you have for the future. Maybe a submarine?

However, I think your next boat should be 5m-7m ... upgraded with perhaps a "chainsaw" motor! :biggrin2:

I also think your name should be added to the world's other three great inventors:

Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Macgyver :thumbup:

post-4381-1206577389_thumb.jpg post-4381-1206577399_thumb.jpg post-4381-1206577409_thumb.jpg

The folding boat is great!



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