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Ghost Ship Found .


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Errrmmm, yeah, freaky!

Even freakier if you look just north north west of it a few inches at 150m view height & it looks like another fainter ship.

In fairness though, I think its more to do with Googles images & a possible overlay of several images which have rendered the boat transparent. If you could peel back the layers of images used to make that section up you'd probably find the boat is clear as day & on the surface in one of them. That's my theory anyway & I'm sticking to it!...the alternative is tooo scary for me to contemplate :1prop:

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I also saw this a little back and the other boat in Flint and Steel Bay, I too thought they must be overlaps as the boats are not on thier sides which I woould expect them to be.Will have to see if the fishfinder picks up anything next outing.



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