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Trailcraft 660 Profish


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G-day ceph i have the 510 & i am very happy with it. It handles the slop very well, Its a very safe feeling boat. With over an extra meter i think you will be pretty happy,They have a lot of usable space & do well taking the family for a spin aswell.

Thanks Double.

What donk are you runnig on the 510? There are so few decent side consoles around. :(

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Hey Ceph

The beam on one of these is 2.54

I belive that makes it oversize and with that comes all the legalities with insurance towing etc.

If I'm incorrect I stand corrected but better to make sure


Mmm.. not sure. Will do some research.

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I remember talking to the guy that owns the boat shop at Windsor that used to sell these boats.

We were discussing the merits and pitfalls of buying a boat that was oversize.

He said he had asked the owner of Trailcraft why he made boats that were oversize and the answer was simply "I'll make boats how I want"

If you were close to the ramp you used all the time and you travelled early not probs but if like me you tow from Kurrajong down to the harbour its just easier to buy a boat that complies.

I went thru this for 2 years prior to buying my new boat and I don't regret the time at all



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Hi Ceph, we used to sell Trailcraft boats for many years and do not anymore if that tells you anything. PM me if you would more details of what I personally think.

Deana is correct anything over 2.5M beam is a pain and has limited towing times etc and for a manufacturer to know about this and still make the boat over width says alot about them in my books. I am sure it would not be too hard to make that boat 2.5M and than the owners do not have this problem. If you do not have the proper permits and are cuaght towing out of hours than your insurance will be invalid and if you have an accident you can lose the lot. I personally know of cases where this has happened.

Just my 2 cents worth,


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