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Need Enlightenment In Terms Of Tapers And Action


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hi guys,

First of all, to be more specific, this is going to be about spinning rods of lets say 6'9-7'2 foot in length.

Can i say that a taper of a rod is the steepness of the rod from the butt to its tip? or something else?

If it is as above, does it mean that a steeper rod will have a faster action? And a rod that is less steep, a slower action? If this is true, why are some rods, e.g. gloomis imx 842 slate, have a blank that is not as steep as others and rated as a fast action rod? It feels really wimpy, but is rated as fast, its strange.

Now, this bring up a new question, can a fast action rod be wimpy instead of crisp, or must a fast action rod be crisp?

pardon me for the amateur questions

your help will be most aprreciated

thanks :beersmile:


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Your pretty much on the ball here..

A rod's taper is what you have described, how the rod tapers down from its butt thickness to the tip.

A slow tapered rod though is 'generally' a slow action rod, that is loads up along a longer length of the blank. Typical of these types of rods is those used for blackfish.

Now a fast tapered rod can also hav a slow taper but is generally medium to fast tapered as well. Usually a fast rod will have a crisp action purely cause the action has a shorter length to fold away. But this will depend on the blank material and construction.

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I think you are confusing action and taper. Yes the taper is how much it changes from tip to but butt the action is how the blank loads up or folds away from tip to butt. In most 7ft graphite light spin style blanks there is not a huge amount of taper in the blank but depending on the material of the blank and how those materials have been rolled on a mandrill you can get a variety of actions in similar looking blanks.

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