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Fishing The Fads


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hi raiders im going to fish the fad in morning first time any tips would be great do we anchor near by or do we drift how deep to fish our live bait also have a big range of lures any work better than others

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Hey mate, my first tip would be try and get there first.... fads aren't nearly as fun or productive with 10 other boats around them, especially if there is a bit of current!

Take a variety of options for your fishing methods because some days the dollies will take a liking to a certain method. We have caught fish with pilchards drifted down, throwing metal slugs along the surface and jigging, plastics and trolling bibbed and skirted lures so experiment to see whats best on the day. Livies work great to!

Expect the unexpected, don't asssume that you will only catch dollies, small kings are very common but we have also caught yellowfin around the fads and from time to time have spotted marlin although never picked one up of a fad yet.

Dont think you have to be ontop of the fad to be on the fish. Fads work as an atractant for a large area up to .5km or so. You may find most of the small dollies hugging the rope/chain cruzing in the current but you will often get onto the bulls and other larger fish a 100m away or more.

Lastly and the most obvious one make sure your boat is up to scratch with all its safety gear, you check the weather and get the most up to date information and gps mark for your choosen fad. There isnothing worse than getting out there with last seasons fad marks and tring to find the current ones as you probably wont spot it unless there are other boats on it and it hasn't moved far!

Hope that helps a little!

Tight lines :1fishing1:


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sorry for ignorance but new to fishing haha wats a fad?

The latest Fad seems to be poppers and before that it was soft plastics. :074::074:

The other FADs are Fish Aggregating Devices. These are simply buoys that NSW fisheries have placed in a few spots along the coast primarily to attract a variety of fish.


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