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Wollongong Fad Sat

Chris 55

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Sorro and myself decided to set out from Pt Kembla

ramp and fish the Wollongong FAD hoping the Dollies

would be on

Hit the ramp just after 7am and straight to the north end

breakwall for livies plenty of Yacka and a bonus Slimey

then straight out to the FAD through a light rolling sea

Found 2 boats there already drifting so we took a spot and

joined in, we missed the firsy 2 strikes then Sorro's rod bends

and he's on :yahoo: short fight and we have a 75cm Dollie

who's a happy boy ehhh Kev :biggrin2:

Well that was as good as it got we could see them but they

didn't want to play :ranting2: but we kept up the drift

for an hour

During that time we saw the most amazing thing with a big

school of Sauries being chased by Dollies :1yikes:

Should we chase or stay, well after watching the direction

they were running we decided to stay put as they were

heading straight for us :thumbup: that was until the school

split in 2 and went either side of us :thumbdown: noooooo

After a couple of more passes cubing Pillies to the depths

we went for a troll in the general area for a big 0

Next target was the islands of Kembla to see if we could find

some flathead at a spot we had, so started drifting only to find

we were moving too fast so we put out the drogue and cubed

some more for nothing

We figured it was time when I said where's the sea anchor ??

seems the rope had a weak spot and 18 1/2' of 'glass was

too much for it, gooooooooone

Kev was now not happy as he didn't have the safety tied on :ranting2:

Back to Kembla harbour to unload the excess Yacka but found

a couple of guy's jigging for bait and gave them the Yacka and

wished them good luck

Washed the boat down and out of there by 2.30pm

Nice day on the water


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