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Out Of Port Hacking Off Cronulla


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Headed out of Port Hacking for a quick trip Friday afternoon. It was a bit breezy and choppy.

We’d hardly been fishing for twenty minutes before “Pick-A-Box” Syd picks up a couple of flatties.


Meanwhile, all that I could manage were baby snapper, yakkas and toads.

After about an hour Syd pulls in this beauty.


After a couple of hours, the wind was getting stronger and there were some dark clouds to the south west so I had to do something to try and catch up.

All I could manage was a single chopper tailor while Syd continued to pick up some nice flatties and two great flounder.


I don’t know what I was doing wrong.

The sky looked very threatening so it was time to head back to the ramp.


For me, it was just one of those days. As for Syd, he just couldn’t stop smiling!

Anyway, here’s the final catch, or should I say "Syd's catch" because only the tailor was mine!


And only because I promised Syd, here are some more photos of "his catch".






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great flatties there mate... wish i was that lucky...

tumra, you've got it in one, I reckon Syd relied on pure luck! :1prop:

It's funny how you can fish right next to someone with basically the same gear, same rigs and bait and they end up catching everything. :1badmood:

The best news (for me) was that I (just) out fished Syd the next day.

That is how it is supposed to be! :biggrin2:

However, it was a nice flattie Syd caught even if my photo makes it look a lot bigger than it actually was! :yahoo:




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