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Lake Lyell Sunday 30th March

Mr Dalucius

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Hello Raiders,

Dalucius and I arrived at the lake at about 7.15am, temp. 4deg. and a light frost.

Our main objective was to give mini [our minn kota] it's first official run since I installed it's permanent mounting bracket ready for our trout fishing trip to Jindabyne in mid may.

We started trolling just out from the boat ramp, with a pink tassie on my rod [ I'm using lead-core line today] and a #48 red nosed brown bomber on Lyn's. Things were slow, changed lures, tried different speeds without any luck. I tied on a brown trout pattern diving lure and about 11am. our first fish was in the boat [ that one's for my mother in-law].By now the wind was up and blowing us around, mini was doing a good job pulling us into the head wind.

We headed back when we reached the old road at the end of the dam. Just past Farmers creek, I'm on again,and after a nice fight Dalucius nets another nice rainbow [ that one's going in the smoker]. Not long after that the battery went flat so we head back to the ramp.

An excellent day on the water, two nice fish, mini did the job, were ready for Jindabyne.



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