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Hi All,

We are going to the island of Maui in Hawaii for just over a week at the end of june. Just wondering if theres anybody that has been up there previously and would share experiences of how they went and who they went with etc...



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Hey Josh, even though its not in your trip plans, try and get a plane to The Big Island for a day or two and fish out of Kona. June is probably the best time of month for HUGE blues over there, and the season looks to be good with a 1251lb fish taken last week! Blues from 500lb and up to that size are common off Kona, not sure about Maui but the fishing is not as good as Kona.

Here are some of the best from Kona -

Bad Company - Blackwatch 58

Huntress - 43 Merritt

Marlin Magic - 43 Allied

Marlin Magic II (skippered by Marlin Parker - famous lure maker of ''marlin magic') - 54 Allied

Northern Lights - 37 Merritt

Pamela - 41 Bertram

Sea Genie II - 39 Rybovich

Sundowner - 35 Bertram


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Thanks mate,

I think we'll probably stay in Maui, the fishing seems to be great there from what i've read + there are a few tournaments happening in Kona some of the dates we're there.

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Hi Josh

While you are there, if you are into your Game fishing, go to the local Walmart or tackle shop & invest in the 3 Fishing Hawaii Books by Jim Rizzuto. They cost heaps over here - but about US$25 new over there


or get them on a well known online book shop for about $10-15 each

Top information in there on Bluewater fishing & how to make your own tackle etc - good info on catching any sort of fish, really! The guy with the surfboard has to be seen to be believed!!!

I got all 3 when in Kona over 10 years ago & have just loaned them all to a yakking buddy who regularly catches major fish (including 3 marlin, lots of bluefin etc) at SWR. He is loving them!

Cheerio & good luck over there - I only got 2 bonito when I went out on a gamefishing boat from Kona :( At least I didn't throw up that time! :)


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