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Marine Parks Maps?


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Hi all,

I'm sure someone is going to tell me there's a button on the home page I can press to find maps that show where all the marine parks are... can someone help me out or let me know if there is somewhere on line I can find them. (I tried the NSW Fisheries link and couldn't get to any maps anywhere).

I'm about to fish some new locations up the East Coast and the last thing I need is a hefty fine for catching a Yakka in a sanctuary zone or something.

Cheers, Slinky

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Thanks Jigo.


Slinky....Go to www.gbrmpa.gov.au... they have maps of all the parks areas up the east Coast of Qld about 18 or 20 all told, various ares on each map, also available at most fishing shops in Qld,, Free of charge. Good Luck. :1fishing1:

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