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Early Moring Plastics Session At Narra Lake


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hey all,

woke up and 5 and headed down to the woolies bridge pretty unprepared with only 1 type of lure.

fished it near the woolies bridge and picked up a pb flatty for me(54 cm) :yahoo:post-6831-1207030040_thumb.jpg and the smallest flatty that i've caught on a lure(about 15cm-guess) :biggrin2:post-6831-1207030079_thumb.jpg both took the squidgy flick bait. after i'd generally worked the area i headed opposite the caravan park with no sucess- but a nice sunrise at least. :biggrin2:post-6831-1207030169_thumb.jpg

all in all a nice way to start the morning before going to school :1badmood:

cheers josh

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Hi Josh,

well down on those fish, you've done well on the sp's with flatties. I just can't seem to get them to work for me. You certainly are a motivated young bloke to get up and have a go at that hour. Great to see. I grew up on the northern beaches and used to have just about every sat morning on narra lakes but, in those days it was water skiing not fishing. The NB's have got to be the best part of this big city (bias of course). Remember those mornings and appreciate them every time you get the chance.



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