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Botany 30/03


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Long time reader first time fishing report post.

Got to the boat ramp at 6.30am still abit dark, I noticed everyone was rushing to get out on the waters. So we joined in the rush. Got out first spot molinux(spelling?) and started fishing. Their was 5 of us on the boat, we reeled in to check our baits, one flounder happened to be on one of our lines, nice flounder. Then 2 minutes later one rod goes off, didnt seem like a big fish but was a descent pull. Turned out to be the mother of the first flounder, maybe around 50cm, kept them two. After about 30 minutes we decided to pull lines in, and head out of the heads on such a nice day. We then had two octopus on two different lines, let one go, and kept one for bait.

We head out and see a carpark, well boatpark on the south head, just out of it. We decided to anchor and join in. Within 2 hours we had 4 sweap boated, around 750g each. We thought we should head more to the edge of the head. We then started chuck and pull for about 2 hours, boated 12 more sweap and let undersized go. Got a descent pull, line peeling off, i thought it to be a king, but as we got it in the boat, we was a very nice trevally 60cm? Kept that, and started to pull up small rock cod, wrasse, pariot fish, and other species that i really had no idea what it was, but my fishing partners did and said top eating. We kept the pariot fish and the unknown but let the undersize rockcod and wrasse live on.

After the two hours, we moved in the bay for lunch, then wanted to find some bream, as we were getting sick of catching the same species. Headed to HWO to find one boat, anchored, stayed for 1 hour to find not a single bite. Decided to go the the 3rd runway. Hanged around there for another hour or so we be catching pinkies and one 26cm bream. Kept the bream and decided to call it a day.

Headed back to the ramp to find that our 4wd had a flat battery, left the lights on in the morning. So had the boat on the trailer but couldnt start the car to pull it up, pulled out the jumpstarter and that was dead too. Asked around for anyone with jumperleads or a jumpstarter, no one had anything. Called a mate to come down, then got the 4wd started and pulled the boat out. As we pulled the boat out, my mate had to jumpstart about 2 other cars with lights left on.

See what the morning rush does to people haha.

Top day on the water with beautiful conditions, and had dinner supplied for sunday night.

Planning to head out of port hacking Saturday morning, two boats of us heading down the coast. Anyone else will be out there?

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