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Lb Blackie Madness


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I had to post this report on behalf of a mate who's a long time fr voyeur but never signed up for membership.

On Saturday he hit a well known and heavily used sydney wharf close to an even better known and even heavier fished bait ground in middle harbour.

The plan was to convert some locally caught yakkas in to yellow tails of a much larger variety. The session began very promising with his yakkas preferring air to water and some solid runs without hookup. Unfortunately, the hot bite dried up as the sun rose higher. About to pack it in, he observed a well known tour operator rock up close to the wharf in his purple boat and get stuck into some amazing blackies. Ten fish in under an hour and about as many bust offs.

Armed with the free demo, he set about mimicking the techniques as best he could the following monday. The following pics tell you the rest of the story.




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nice couple blackfish there......

they will be coming on the chew big time real soon as they school up for spawning.. :yahoo: ..

they may not go as hard as a king but pound for pound they are great fighters on the light gear.....

well done to your mate....

i think its time to look into the local weed spots now ive had my appetite stirred... :biggrin2:

cheers... steve.....

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nice fish there houston :thumbup: the water up here at mona vale is very clear did not get a bite on wed morn but will try for breamvery early [dawn] as it is a very good tide tomorrow hope ther is some white water around may even try for mullet as well as blackies

peter :1fishing1:

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If that is his first blackie outing - well done!!! Yummy fillets!

Not long now ........ and they will be well & truly on .... I hope


it was his first.

nice way to pop a cherry.

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