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Old Mans Hat Lb


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Hey guys, quick Q. a while ago i think there was a post which explained how to get to OMH in detail, as ive been to nth head a cpl of times and had no luck in finding it, and ive since lost the post and i want to go there tomorrow!!

can anyone please point me in the direction of the post, ive tried searching for nothing, or else explain how to get there to me!!!!!!1 thanks heaps


edit: i will be driving there and be landbased, i am hopefully targetting kings/tailor/whatever takes a liking to the baits, are livies (yakkas/slimies) to be expected to be gotten there with burley and a baitjig?? ta again!

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hey sebastian,its been 15 years since i fished the hat land based

yes plenty off yakkas

you used to head south from poo works carpark there was a track that pitty well huged the cliffs

it leads to the old Q STATION

I CAN'T REMEMBER EXACLY WERE YOU branch off the track but if you get to a wall with a hole in it i think you have gone to far or your there sorry ca'nt remember

hope you smash it as we often see kings in that spot from the boat

good luck last week there were 6 or so people fishing there


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