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Wild Weather


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All members and guests ,please take all neccessary care today as there are very strong winds around and conditions will be hazardous on the water.

Saftey is paramount on days such as these and no fish is worth risking your life for ,EVER !!!!

Regards Stewy

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You guys are probably getting the winds we had last night - blew an absolute gale from about 11pm onwards, and the temp varied markedly, no rain in it for us though :1badmood:

Stay safe fellow raiders :thumbup:


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White caps everywhere under the Gladesville Bridge this morning.

Bet the breams would be going off tho!

Love fishing in the wind as the fish don't spook as easy when the lure hit's the water.


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Its starting to get blowy in Berowra.................rather wierd, Hot gusts of wind, then cold gusts of wind

Sounds like they way my missus yells at me when I get home from the raffles on a Thursday night.


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