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Reel Repairs

Blood Knot

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I am having problems with the (infinite) anti reverse bearing in my fav little bream reel. It recently started slipping ( not under load so much) but would just not lock when I wind the handle forward. Did have the strange experience of being hooked onto a nice size flattie with the handle spinning around as the fish took off. Sort of took me back about 40 years

Have dissasembled cleaned and lubricated with thin reel oil and worked fine for the next fishing session but let me down again on Monday on the Clyde.

Thinking I might dissasemble again and try packing with grease. Have any raiders had experience with these one way bearings?

Am beginning to think I should just order a new one way bearing and install - but still have unanswered lubricant question. Hoping someone can help


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Thats a problem that a fair few of reels experience, i think its to do with something inside the reel slipping out of place and hence leaving the anti reverse switch not making any difference. Probably best to take it to your local tackle shop to get serviced and ask for that problem to be fixed, instead of just loading it up with grease etc...


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Blood knot, your Airity's anti reverse bearing only needs a drop of oil. They are a mighty fine reel. It's worth spending the money on a new bearing for sure.



Red n Josh - Thanks for you help - think I will order a new one way bearing, problem only occured after I had the reel in for service ( to replace a slightly growly rotor bearing ). Problem seemed to have developed post that service.

Red - Yeh its been a great reel and I am (or was) really happy with it prior the demise of the rotor bearing and the attendant anti reverse bearing problem. Just a bit dissapointed as I look after my gear extremely well and would have expected better reliability from a top end Diawa after one seasons solid fishing. ( its never been dropped in the drink & allways lightly washed down, oiled and inoxed after each use).


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