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Thanks Go Fish Pete For Next Day Delivery !


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I would like to say a big thank you to Go Fish Pete and his staff member Heather. :thumbup:

I ordered some gear yesterday over the phone and it arrived at my doorstep by overnight express post first thing this morning.

Pete gave me genuine price savings on a couple of spools of Jinkai 60lb leader, some livie floats with lights, a game fish class stainless steel lip gripper, one of the excellent quality, heavy duty Fishraider measuring mats. I paid over the phone and the experience saved me money, time and petrol over shopping elsewhere.

The advice from Pete was excellent and thank you Heather for getting the parcel packed and on its way to Campbelltown so quickly. :yahoo:

Dealing with Go Fish Pete was a Five Star shopping experience with good money saved and the next day delivery made my day. :thumbup:

Thank you very much Go Fish Pete and Heather and I'll just dial your number when I need any fishing gear in future.


Jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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