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Botany Bay 5th April


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Hi Guys

Headed out onto the bay at first light on Saturday with my neighbour "Con the Greek". Absolutely glorious day on the water but the the fish were very far and few between . Tried all the reliable "secret spots " and only manged 2 pan size flathead and 1 decent bream.

Taliking to another fisherman back at the STGMBC ramp and he had the same quiet day but did find some decent tailor schooling up up the beach at Brighton.

:1boat: I shouldn't complain as it was one of those beatiful days out on the boat where you say - this sure beats working - even when the fish are not co-operating.

regards Bill

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Hit the first light as well and only managed 4 Flatties and a Flounder.

Usually during a session you get bombarded by 100's of baby snappers and breams and yesterday only 2 baby snappers were landed.

Dont think we even went threw a small handfull of prawns and only 5 pillies.

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I was there today, crack of dawn, 3 baby bream and a baby whiting, very poor effort, and was boats everywhere, not to mention the rude idiots with no ramp etiquite at Kyeemagh Bay.

I think weekday fishing suits me better, no one else around to annoy me or steal my spots lol !!! Love shift work !

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