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pro fisher

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hi all,

i was doing some first time maintainence on the outboard gearbox yesterday and everything was going smooth untill i struck one bolt head. it's the bolt that holds the bevelled gear dropping down into the gearbox onto the shaft connecting to the engine itself. i have tried a few things and can't get it undone. i need to undo it so i can get to a ball bearing that won't come out with this gear in the way.

so i was wondering if anyone with experience with these things would happen to know how to undo it...i tried going to a few marine shops but there were no mechanics or anyone that could offer assistence on the topic. i tried holding the shaft still in the vice while trying to undo the bolt but i would budge. is there a special tool needed for the job or a technique that needs to be mastered?

any help much appretiated,


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hint- check right of left hand thread.

They can be tough. Marine shops use a spline socket on the driveshaft to hold and be careful of how you apply the force as you can crack/ damage the gearbox housing if the spanner on the nut is not clear and supported.

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Hi Tom, depending on brand and age of your engine yes Pel says there are driveshaft spline sockets that have a 1/2 drive in them to allow you to remove the pinion nut/bolt.

Without one of these I think you will be fighting a losing battle.

Post brand and HP and I we see if we have one that I can loan you (with a refunded deposit) that will allow you to remove the driveshaft and replace the D/S bearing.



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