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Sight Fishing Kings


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Hey Raiders,

A mates brother came down from townsville for the weekend so we decided to try and get some kings on poppers. Got to the ramp at about 7 saturday morning and headed straight out to the Harbour markers. The water was thick with yakkas so we dropped the anchor and set about getting some burley made up.

As soon as the first bit of burley hit the water the kings turned up in the trail. No matter how many casts we couldnt get them to hit the poppers or the SP's so we started floating unweighted pillies down the burley trail. The kings would have a look at the baits and after a few looks I hooked a decent king. After a 10 min fight on 4 kilo Bream gear (great fun) we got the king to the side of the boat called it for about 75-80 it made one more dash for freedom and PING :05:

Flicked out another pilly and watched as another king picked it up and took off with it. got this one in the boat it went 68cms after a few photos and the removing of an old hook from the corner of its mouth it went back in the harbour.


Got one more rat of about 50cm (the one in the pic) before my mates brother hooked up to a horse on 30lb braid and 40lb leader. this fish was a bit smarter and ran straight for the marker, not much could be done to stop it and this resulted in the snapping of the 40lb leader.

Had a 2 baits and hooks in a row bitten straight off without even feeling any weight but it was as the bait sunk out of view so not too sure if it was a big tailor or a small shark.

My mate then hooked another rat on his 6lb outfit and after a short fight he came aboard going 55cms.

We also caught a few good size bream and trev's as a by catch. All fish went back for next time.

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Saw u guys at sow and pig there landing fish after fish, we thought u guys were using fresh squids. we were around the markers too, but our livie didn't get touched.

We had a livie out as well but the kings weren't interested in it... They were pretty cagey even with the light lines and dead baits.

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