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Landbased Report - 3 Pb's


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Finally cracked 3 ducks on Saturday morning and what a way to crack it .. with 3 PB's !

First jewie at 57 cm

First aussie salmon at 58 cm

First (legal) snapper at 42 cm

My mate and I have fished this landbased spot many times with absolutely no results so it just goes to show that it is not where you fish but the persistance, time on the water and bloody early starts that pay off.

I am sorry but I can't give out too much detail on the location because it is my fishing partner's spot but will say that it is not easy to access by car/foot. I hope you guys understand.





All were caught on live yakkas/slimy mackerals and my mate also topped it off with a jew of his own, which he released because it was too small for him at 60cm (!!!!!) and also a couple of nice sized tailor.

FYI the snapper ran and fought the hardest, then the salmon, then Mr Jewie.



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