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Whole Winter Supply Of Squid Gone In One Night


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well guys it may not be what you were thinking regarding the topic heading,

my :wife: rang me today quiet frantic and i was really pissed from what i heard....


was the painful scream as i contemplated what was described ....

:wife: tells me the 100ltr freezer that was full was now defrosted :1badmood: ...

seems either i didnt close door properly or our youngest roosterboy of 21mths opened but not closed properly...

he liked to do this on the fridge but i was smarter and put a child lock on it..... how smart am i not to put one on the freezer :1prop::tease: ... don't answer that one guys......

anyway last couple weeks i spent a few nights stocking up on squid and had a dozen big and plenty little ones reserved for mr mulloway but now all defrosted.... also my last few slabs of kingy/bream and flatties all goooone.... tonight was a big seafood banquet so not all was lost and the meat is all getting precooked and ready made meals frozen with a bit thrown to our neighbour whos not well atm.....

the upshot of this is i will have to get out there to replenish my stocks but they were hard earned so its shattering to see them wasted,i kept a few that were in a block and may not have completely defrosted and will prob end up as burly....

guess what i will be fitting tomorrow night when i get home, a daddy proof lock so it doesnt happen again...

it had to be me as my roosterboy surely doesnt hate me enough to do this,mmmm maybe he is a closet doggies fan... ill have to investigate further i thinks....

thanks for reading my rantings,,,, bloody good therapy ,i feel better already.just need rain to go away to start again :biggrin2:


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..... how smart am i not to put one on the freezer :1prop::tease: ... don't answer that one guys......


Oh pleeaaasseee Rooster.....................................

IDIOT! :wacko:


Stumpy :biggrin2:

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Awww Steve!!!..That's heartbreaking. All that effort for bugger all.

Just a suggestion...why don't you blend up all the spoiled squid and any fish that didn't make it to the plate

and refreeze the blended burley in blocks. Maybe add any other attractants like fish sauce etc.

Sorry for your loss.



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Nooooooooo!!!!! At least you weren't away on holidays & came back to it ...... very smelly!! :(

I'm with Pete on this one - any 'too mushy stuff' etc, make into burley blocks (ask the neighbours to save their plastic milk bottles.) Good thinking on making precooked meals on the meat etc.

I think we've all done it once! :1prop:



Happy Squidding - you've got a lot of ground to make up! :)

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Hi Tony! Shame about the freezer defrosting Steve. Look at this way, you could finely mince the squid and use it as bottom burley seeping out slowly as the sole ingredient to attract other fish while running struggling live baits behind it to get the attention of jew to come in for their share noticing the other feeding acivity.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Muz that be KING IDIOT to you squire........ :074:

felt like a real wally in this one,shoulda seen it coming.....

i thought youd be quick onto this one mate,left myself wide open eh.....

oh well dinner last night was great and there is now lots of good burly on hand....

never thought id be cutting up 30cm squids for burly,will be a first for me but my burlies are usually jam packed with goodies anyway just this time it will be top shelf stuff :biggrin2: ..

just had a grouse stew choccas with meat for lunch so theres always something positive to be had outa a negative so to speak....

anyway thanks for the replies guys.....

cheers...silly sausage steve.. :1prop: .......

Edited by roosterman
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