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Byron Bay


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I'm off to Byron Bay tmrw for a week and was wondering about the fishing potential. Surfing trip but i know i won't be able to help myself and have a cast. I'm staying in the middle of Byron just opposite the main beach there.

Not offshore, just estuary and maybe light beach fishing. Don't have a car so something local. I'll just be taking a telescopic 6'6 rod and a light threadline and some lures and a few hooks and sinkers.

Any estuary/jetty fishing close by? Any local tackle stores also?


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Good luck at Byron, Plastic Man! Last time I was there, pretty well the only tackle shop had closed!! I think the Marine Park affected him badly! I'd be checking where you are actually allowed to fish up there now ..... I was told by locals that the main beach would be out of bounds! Previously, I had caught bream, whiting & flatties there. I have never found worms on the beach there yet ... plenty of pippis tho.

Here is the marine park info


A quick glance - Looks like you can't fish near the creek mouth, but line fishing along main beach should be ok

No jetties that I am aware of & the estuary looks out of bounds. Brunswick is a good spot to try tho - they have buses that take you to many places for not a lot of $$!

There are quite a few dive shops that should be able to put you onto fish, tho!

I'll be there in Mid May (the other half does the triathlon whilst I usually have a fish!)



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Sorry mate,

I think your options will be very limited with that gear and no car. As Roberta said, the creek near Belongil is off limits and the nearest esturay after that would probably be Balina 20km away. The beach fishing along Tallows can be good and you can also chuck a line off the rocks under the lighthouse if you find the right spot. Perhaps you could snare a bream there if conditions are right (swell is down) and you get lucky.

You'd be much better off with a 12 foot rod and some heavier gear.

I'm still jealous though!


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