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Lost At Sea


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Hi Carl

Here's a copy of an email from a poor chap from Torquay.

He left Maravagi Resort at 10am by OBM to catch a 3pm flight from Honiara to Brisbane. He landed on our beach at around 4.30pm after 6+ hours adrift in an open fibreglass boat.

Lucky for him we had the BBQ raging and copies quantities of amber liquid on hand.

Note how handy the rod tube was as a mast!

Hi Carl

If your reading this then I must have remembered your e-mail address correctly.

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to thank you for your

assistance and hospitality on Easter Sunday when we sailed to the

beach where you were having your company Easter BBQ party. I was very

thirsty and hungry after 5 extra hours in that long boat sailing to

dry land after our motor failed. The water, beer and food you gave

myself and the boys driving the boat was very much appreciated. I

finally managed to get back to Australia (Torquay) after another 3

days of re-arranging flights and unscheduled stopovers in Brisbane.

I have attached some photo's that show how you can convert the long

boats into first class yachts. ;)

Next time I come to the Solomons I'll look you up at the Yacht Club

and buy you a beer.


Wayne Roberts


Victoria 3228

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That's a pretty amazing story....Lucky him landing on the only beach with a BBQ going and cold beers.

He must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

Some good karma headed your way I'm sure for helping the poor bloke out.



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