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Braving The Cold.


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hey raiders, hows hump day going.

This winter will be my first winter i am "seriously" going to get amongst the fishing, ever since buying my boat (october) i've been out almost every weekend since and will be beanie bound for some solid fishing over the colder months.

I have read alot of threads and asked alot of questions which has all really improved my fishing skills/results (thanks to everyone who has shared there knowledge), the past six months have significantly changed the way i think about fishing and broadened my horizons on what the sport has to offer, not to mention somewhat taken over my life and burn away at my pockets everytime i set foot in a tackleshop.

Prior to joining Fishraider i didnt pay much attention to the finer details that all play a part in achieving positive results such as baromentric pressure, wind direction and simpler things like mixing up the way i approach each situation and plain old trial and error.

I'm guessing summer and winter fishing has its similarities but am sure it has its differnces, those which will probably mean the differnece between success and frustration (not failure, i'd go at it till i figured it out), Most of my fishing knowledge was self tought and i never have really spent time over winter having a crack. However i couldnt be keener after reading previous posts on whats available to the angler on those cooler days and nights, bring on what the next few months might teach me.

Any help on gettting me started on what species to hook into would be a ripper.

Cheers, Youngy

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Winter fishing for me in the estuary means a couple of changes. The flathead fishing slows down but for some reason they seem to school up a bit more. Once you find where they are holding they will be there for a few weeks and then move on. I fish a lot more with flesh strips over winter and you have to keep the bait moving constantly.

I dont fish for bream at night in winter the cool shuts them down a bit. I fish the same bream spots in summer and winter just move from night to day.

Whiting I just dont target till abot September.

The fish that do come on over winter though are the blackfish. Theres a million threads on here about how to catch them. I'll be honest though the fishraider threads will give you a good grounding but the only way to learn how to catch blackfish is trial and error and error and error.


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