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Hawkesbury 7-4-8 Fishing With Inhlanzi.

Guest GoFish Pete

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Guest GoFish Pete

Went for a fish with a good customer and friend Inhlanzi on Monday with no real set plain , I just needed to get out for a fish.

Picked Mike up at 5.00am and headed for Brooklyn , launched and went to West head for a supply of livies , I was doing at great job of catching Yakkas only to drop them until I put on a fresh Yakka rig then we were filling the tanks.

Mike sent out a "speculator" as he called it to see if there was anything in the area that was after a feed of Yakka and after a little while that sound that we all want to hear was ringing in ours ears , Mike jumps on the rod and we see what we call a nice greenback taking of with our fresh Yakka and then suddenly the rod is bending a bit more and the capture is heading deep , Mike plays the fish and we boat a healthy King of 67cm and notice that the Owner treble of our two hook rig is missing with evidence that it had been taken off by the tailor. We both feel pretty good that keeper Kingy , bleed and on ice is a top start to the day.

With enough Yakkas for a session we then set off for a downrigg of Barenjoey but to no avail.

We then troll around Lion Island and pick up some Tailor for Jewie bait and then of to Gunya for a shot at a Jewie of two. After an hour or so the wind starts to pick up and even with the current and sea anchor trying to keep us straight the winds wins and we are being pulled around so we give up on the Jews and pull the pick

We decide to downrigg some talked about but for us uncharted water and to our surprise we hook up on a really healthy and fat 80cm King that pulled the scales down to 6kgs. It just goes to show that you should expect the unexpected sometimes with fishing , try a new spot , try a new method you just don't know what will work on the day or where.

As with some other fellow fishos we want to keep the spot a secret for now and who knows it may have just been a fluke capture. Half the challenge of fishing is looking at the enviroment and working out what spots may be worth a try so keep an open mind as to where you fish and for what.

Mike will no doubt add some more pics but for now here is a pic of the bigger King.



cheers all

GoFish Pete

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What a magic day on the water. Thanks Pete!

It was supposed to be a Jewie day but things just changed along the way.

The biggest lesson I learned was to keep moving around with the weather and if you can't go for the one species properly go for another. It never ceases to amaze me the diversity that is available right here on our doorstep.

We had four seasons in one. Amazing sunrise at West head, rain and squall off Barrnjoey, flat as a tac off Lion and boat turning wind at Brooklyn - even with a drogue.

The Jewie spots were messed up by the wind and the tide so we just changed tactics and methods and were rewarded with two nice Kings.

The first King was a wierd experience... chucked out the speculator and I saw the silver flash from what I was sure was a decent tailor ... the "tailor" just kept going harder and harder. Pete even came over and tightened up the drag a bit! to our supprise up comes a nice little bandit! The stinger hook was goooone and he kingy firmly hooked on the tow hook. What the hell happened there? anyway dinner in the Esky just after sunrise ... gotta love that.

Much later in the day. Picture this - sitting back sipping on a cold beer just finished raining, water all calm and smooth and the texie takes a real good bow and the old 6500 starts singing ... just when you least expect it most. wooohooo

Pete cleared the decks and drove us away from the rocks. I fought what ever it was carefully and slowly as we had no idea what it might be. When I spotted the big yellow tail fin I was stoked. A nice good fat king that went 70 to the fork. Netted, bled and iced ... carry on sipping cold beer!


A nice fat King that went 70 to the fork in the tail!



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