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Breaming On Sydney Harbour


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Met up will fellow raider Ritchie or rizzo at Gladesville today for a bream session on lures and plastics.

We fished a number of areas including the LaneCove and Tarban Creek and the fish were pretty hard to find.

We managed a fair bag of bream,mostly just legal and Rizzo scored a few better ones up to 35 cms.

The flatties were out to play again and a few were taken home for Rizzos mrs :biggrin2:

Rizzo also scored a nice trevally which gave him the run around for a few minutes.

Pretty good day on the Harbour and thanks Rizzo for the great coffee and bikkies just when it was needed.







Cheers Stewy

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Thanks Stewy for a great fun day on the harbour we'll do it sometime soon again, interesting

to learn different tactics and methods it builds confidence thanks man,it takes abit to

brain the bream in the harbour :1prop: but there is always a way to get those critters

on lures especially those :1yikes:ecogear SX-40 there the way to go and and all this time i had

these lures in my box and rarely used them and then i put one on and then pressto there

was bream on the end of them MAGIC lures indeed :thumbup: p.s(i hate magicians) also thanks to

outdoordan for telling us to give them a crack more often thanks Dan :biggrinthumb: also Swordy that

orange colour seems like the ticket might have to invest in one lol:074:

It was great weather and good company what more could you need besides more :fish_h4h:

next time we'll brain em :fisher: thanks again Stewy


Rizzo :brucelee:

Sorry raiders about confusion :1prop: my :wife: was still logged on and i made the report on her log in

sorry guys

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Nice one boys.

Lately I have found most of the bream in the Cove on the outside boats in the main channel. Inside the bays like Tamborine where you where are holding the smaller fish specially with the smaller tides we have running now.

Tarban usually fishes better on the higher part of the tide under the pontoons, the back edges of the pontoons and under stairs are the better targets.

Did you guys see any decent fish sitting under the boats in Tarban or the Cove?

I have only been seeing smaller fish and the larger ones have been picking lures up off the bottom.


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Great to see you boys gettin into a few :thumbup:

Sounds like you had a top day, you got a few breambos, a nice Trev and still kept the Mrs happy by providing a feed of flattys:thumbup:

Anyways, a few laughs and a good time is just about guarenteed when your aboard the Polycraft.

All the best

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