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When Exactly Is The Jigging Season For The Kings Offshore


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Hi Guys,

when exactly is it the best time of year to target kings on the outer reefs of sydney jigging?

im looking at upgrading my boat and want to give this type of fishing a good hard crack. any info would be much appreciated, would be targetting kings out of sydney at the peak and the 12 mile but also out at the banks down at jervis bay.

thanks in advance.

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i may not be much help as i have never done it but from memory i think june/july as i was told many moons ago...

i remember it from j = jigging :biggrin2: ..

in saying that it was along time ago and the fishing seasons etc have changed abit...

im sure some of the other more experienced guys will enlighten on this anyway...

im keen to know as im hopefully gonna give it a go this season also....


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