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Northern Nsw


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Just a couple of fish caught over the last year ,The two jew were caught on one night after long slow winter last year in the river ,almost 86 hours of fishing last winter for those two jewies then on one fatefull night I managed two, floating livies one right after another.My mate wasnt too happy as after the two hookups , by the time we got re anchored the went off the bite. :1prop: As fickle as jew are you only get a small window of opportunity at the top of tide ,sometimes only 30 minutes while they actively feed. You may notice that one jew has a crooked tail probably from being attacked as a young fish and grown into what it is today , still put up a decent fight .Any how enjoy your fishing.





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:1welcomeani: to raiderland..

thats a great way to introduce yourself :thumbup:

they are a nice pair of jew,

what sort of livies did the damage and how long/weight of em....

your right about that window of oportunity but sometimes if you can work out the habit of em,eg where they are moving to you can move ahead to next reef/hole up/downstream and get another crack at em...


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The mullet were a mix of small poddy flattails and bull mullet maybe 20 cm long with a double hook live bait setup, the stripeys were caught off evans head on soft plastics, i think they were 5 inch glows.

I caught about 5 in 15 minutes great fun on light gear 4000 diawa Tierra and a wilson live fibre rod.The rat yellow fin was caught a couple of weeks back on a live yakka .

post-7364-1207979720_thumb.jpg post-7364-1207979779_thumb.jpg

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