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Gunamatta Bay 11/04/08


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Went out at 5.30 am to mainbar to get a supply of nippers for the day, they seeemed a little hard to get this morning for some reason but managed to get quite a few for me and the 3other guys. Got to the gunamatta baths at about 8am and started cating for very little between the 4 of us, just a few pinkies and small bream. At about 10am I see my rod starting to get lifted over the side (stupid me left the drag a bit tight :) ) any way after a short tussel I bring in my biggest bream of the season at 38.5cms YAY!!!! He was caught on chicken with parmasean and oyster sauce. Pic will follow when I can get one up. The only other keeper was a 28cm whiting.

Apart fron those couple of fish it wasvery quiet today.

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Does the parmesan and oyster sauce make a real difference to the bait? I have been using chicken breast for a while and it works reasonably well. I am wondering if the added ingredients actually makes a a decent bait even better?

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