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Mh Fri 11th


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Set off with Bung AKA Ron Burgundy in search of calamari this morning at the usual haunts for a blank :blink:

OK plan B is put into action, get some yakkas at Rocky Point. Ended up with more 'sundries' than yakkas :blink::blink:

Mama told be there'd be days like these.

Anyways we've got stuffs what swims, so we set off to 'Spot X'. Yakkas deployed promptly, I grab one of the two UL spin rods & attach a popper which is waaay oversize for this tackle class & commence 'teasemup' procedures. Yakka #1 goes off, short tussle and a 71cm rat is landed. Deploy another yakka in eager anticipation, but the situation an hour later is grim....so just for fun I tie a 40lb leader on UL stick #2 rigged with a ballasted pencil float and a live...sweep. Meanwhile Bung has mastered the arts of bloop, walk the dog, twitch & rip etc. He is now proudly an accomplished popperererer.

Suddenly a splash & boil break the serenity & yes...the sweep has been wolfed on 3kg gear over very rough terrain in only 26ft of water...yikes.

I had to play the hand I was dealt so I freespooled him. Bung did his Ron Burgundy duties & I very gently guided the fish whilst Bung did a stellar job of guiding the boat into deep water about 300m from X. By this stage I had lost an estimated 100m of line, but I had him in deep water away from any structure. My very first Kingi was a NZ rat caught incidentally on trout spinning gear, so my trial by fire was: as little drag as possible to keep contact with the fish and hey presto...they don't bolt for cover. 10 mins of kid-gloved judicious rodwork and Bung nets a just legal rat. We were freakin' over the moon to have won with such odds using butt kicking teamwork.

A champagne finish to a sour milk start :yahoo: And sweep make great livies. Very thrashy and hardy on the hook


"I am The Great Bungholio..I need KF for my bunghole"

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LOL funny you mention that, the 3rd member of our party bailed due to "gastrointestinal issues" We TXT'd him the above pic with the caption "bet you've got the sh!ts now" :risata:

PS I gave one of the rods I got from you to Bung today, unfortunately didn't put a bend in it. At least he didn't get the sh!ts about it :biggrin2:


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