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Surley My Luck Picks Up This Time.


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gday raiders

heading up to stockton again on sunday till tuesday. Any news of what the fishings been like up there recently?

was just my luck that on thursday during my school league game that i dislocated my sholdier for the second time leaving my left arm in a slyng and outa action for the holidays! :05: means no footy for a while and no bodyboardiing for a while too but thank gd i can cast a rod with one hand!! :1prop:

and to make sure i get something this time im taking my goodluck mate aswell hahaha hopfully it works this time and i can come back tuesday night and post a report on how good my weekend was.

what are all the other raiders doing this weekend?

tight lines

stocko boy

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Hey stocko boy, shame about your arm dude.

fished the river across from the stockton boatramp and got a decent feed of flathead, we drifted along the wall on the other side of the river, if you are boatless you can get yourself over there (over the stockton bridge and drive up i think) we caught about 12 all up and all legal(kept enough for a feed only), all on soft plastics in the new cool mint colour, all the way along there, if your not getting any hits just keep moving up, seen a fellla cleaning a monster of a jew at the carrington boatramp, he was out all night and was kept pretty busy with action - in the harbour, maybe set up and go for a night session of the breakwall, plenty of bait around. good luck.

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