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Harbour Bash


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A similar post to many others so I'll keep this brief... one thing I'll add though - there are some big Kings on the chew.

We were into fish within seconds of our reels being turned into gear. The 1st hook-up, and 30lb braid is being stripped at a phenomanal rate - nothing was stopping it, and in the end it busted off. Considering 2, 75cm Kings I caught on the same outfit couldn't strip line once drag pressure was increased, this would have been a good fish.

3 other losses caused by stucture interference and faults in tackle before we landed a small model of 68cm.

All of the action withn 1hr!




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Again out there today... lost about 6 really good kings due to pulled hooks (thought I'd try and skull drag them in, but that doesn't work either). One small model landed which didn't stand a chance on 50lb.


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